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Have you just recently inflicted a personal injury in a car accident in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee? Are you worried you would not be to return to your normal, healthy life ever again? 

With Advanced Injury Care Clinic, you don’t have to worry anymore. We are here to ensure that you’re going to recover both physically and financially regardless of your case. We offer you the best chiropractic services currently available through our natural, safe, and non-surgical treatments.

Aside from being such a painful and traumatizing experience, car crashes are also costly as it accounts for billions of dollars in cost worldwide. What’s even more unfortunate is that some of the victims don’t realize the fact that they still have to consider the service of a medical professional. Neglecting to pay attention to your physical state could actually make you waste more money in the process.

Our experienced Chiropractors are equipped with the latest treatments and technology to help relieve your pain symptoms and ultimately identify and fix the main source of your injuries.

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Contact Advanced Injury Care Clinic now for a Free Consultation with a qualified car accident doctor or read on as we detail below some important facts and tips you should follow after being involved in a car accident in Mt Juliet.

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Types of Injuries That Chiropractors Can Treat

List of Personal Injuries That A Car Accident Doctor Can Treat

The following is a list of injuries that can be treated by our highly skilled team of car accident chiropractic care specialists. They already have a reputable name and experience when it comes in dealing with car accident patients in Mt. Juliet:
  1. Whiplash
  2. Back Pain
  3. Neck Pain
  4. Concussion
  5. Bruises
  6. Lacerations
  7. Broken Bones or Fractures
  8. Dizziness
  9. Trouble Sleeping
  10. Headaches

An individual suffering from a car accident injury like whiplash, on average, will take around three months to fully recover. That’s three months of restricted mobility and function as well as complete discomfort.

To reduce recovery time and ensure you’ll regain your full vitality, our Chiropractors will only implement the latest and safest techniques that are proven effective for treating car accident-related injuries.

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How to Respond to a Car Accident

Car accidents can become so emotionally devastating that it leaves a person involved shocked for hours or even days. But they will eventually realize what actually happened once they were able to gather their thoughts.

Tennessee Highway Patrol states in a report that the number of car crashes in Tennessee has increased 10 times more than the population growth in the area in 2018. 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you should respond if you ever found yourself involved in a car crash around Mt. Juliet, Tennessee:

  1. Stop – Don’t attempt to drive away from the scene, or it would lead to criminal charges against you.
  2. Check Everyone’s Safety – Check for injuries and call an ambulance for anyone needing urgent medical care.
  3. Contact the Police – Even if it’s a minor collision, calling the police is crucial as they’re the ones who will investigate who’s at fault. 
  4. Gather Information – If the police haven’t arrived yet, you should get the following information which will be used when claiming for insurance coverage:
    • Name of driver and passengers, address and phone number of all people involved, insurance company name and policy number of the other driver, 
    • Vehicle description, vehicle registration information, license plate number. 
    • Time and date of the accident, the location of the accident, eyewitnesses’ names and contact information, the responding officer’s badge number and contact information. 
  5. Take Photos of the Scene – The photos captured would help the investigator determine who’s at fault and will become the evidence to support your claim and receive full compensation. 
  6. Don’t Admit Fault – Even if you think it’s your fault, don’t give a statement as it can be taken out of context and implicate you for full responsibility for the accident.
  7. File a Claim – Give your insurance company a call and notify them about the accident immediately.
  8. Seek Medical Attention Immediately – To ensure you’ll receive just compensation from the insurance company, make sure you visit a car accident chiropractor in Mt. Juliet immediately. Many car accident victims don’t know this but having a professional to back up your car accident injury claims for the injuries you sustained is crucial to building a strong case against the negligent party.

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With our all-natural, safe, non-invasive treatments in auto accident Chiropractic Care, you can rest assured you will be relieved from any level of discomfort, and finally, be ready to continue your healthy life. If you were involved in an auto accident near Mt. Juliet or nearby Tennessee communities, don’t hesitate to schedule a Free Consultation now with Advanced Injury Care Clinic today by clicking the button below!

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