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Injured in a Car Accident in Nashville? Our Chiropractors can help with your Physical and Financial Recovery

The Accident Injury Care Clinic in Nashville has been helping the victims of Car Accidents for over a decade.

Being involved in a car accident can cause victims a lot of physical and financial stress.

At our clinics, we make it our mission to help the injured by providing them with Chiropractic Care to treat their injuries and referrals to local attorneys so that their legal needs are met as well.

By teaming up with personal injury attorneys for our accident injury victims, we give them the best opportunity at a successful physical and financial recovery.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an auto accident, contact the experts at Advanced Injury Care for a Free Consultation. 

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What to do if you are in a Car Accident in Nashville?

When you are involved in a car accident, there are certain steps that you should follow to ensure that you give yourself the best chance at both a physical and financial recovery.

The first thing that you should do if you are physically able to is to call emergency services.

Calling the authorities is important to make sure that everyone involved in the accident receives medical care and the accident is documented.

Getting the accident documented is crucial as the police report is used by attorneys as a key piece of evidence in Car Accident Injury lawsuits.

After you have contacted the authorities, you should try to gather evidence at the scene.

Gathering evidence at the scene is important to protecting your legal rights and making sure you do not end up with bills due to someone else’s negligence.

Once you have called emergency services and gathered as much evidence as you can, it is important that you seek out medical attention from both the on-scene responders as well as an accident injury specialist.

Unfortunately, there are many types of common Car Accident Injuries that have delayed symptoms. If you do not get a medical examination done by a car accident injury specialist, you run the risk of injuries going undiagnosed. 

If you suffered an injury and it goes undiagnosed, it can lead to two major problems. The first is that your injury could get worse and cause pain and discomfort for a longer period of time than was necessary. 

The second major issue that having an injury go undiagnosed is that if too much time has passed since the car accident, your attorney will have a difficult time being able to include those damages in your lawsuit, and you could end up with a medical bill. 

After being in an auto accident, getting help from Car Accident Injury specialists will ensure that your injuries are properly diagnosed and you will give yourself the best chance of receiving compensation for your dilemma. 

Neck Pain

Conditions Treated with Chiropractic Care

Motor Vehicle Accidents are a daily occurrence and cause people to suffer a wide variety of injuries. Depending on the type and severity of the car accident, many different injuries can be suffered.

For different types of injuries, there are different treatment options available, and some treatments are better for certain injuries than others.

However, some of the most common car accident injuries that people suffer from are treated best with Chiropractic Care. The main types of Car Accident injuries that our Car Accident Doctors treat include:

  1. Whiplash
  2. Neck Pain
  3. Herniated Disc
  4. Muscle Strains
  5. Ligament Damage
  6. Soft-Tissue Damage

If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered an injury, Chiropractic Care may be able to help you recover. 

How Our Nashville Chiropractors Treat Auto Accident Injuries

Depending on the type of injury that you suffered, there are many different types of treatments that a Chiropractic Doctor may include in your rehabilitation program.

During your initial Free Consultation, your Chiropractor will run a series of diagnostic tests to determine an accurate diagnosis. Once he has the diagnosis, he will develop an individualized treatment program that will include many different techniques. 

Some of the common treatments we offer include:

Depending on the type and extent of the injury that you suffered, your Chiropractor will decide on the different treatment modalities to include in your program so that you have the best chance at a Full recovery from your car accident injury. 

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If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, it is important that you contact Advanced Injury Care Clinics. Our team of Chiropractic Doctors have over a decade of experience working with Car Accident Injury Victims. The decade of experience our specialists have gives them the ability to provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan that will help you recover from your injuries. In order to provide the best service possible to our accident injury victims in Tennessee, we offer a Free Consultation so they can see if Chiropractic Care is the right choice for them. Contact Advanced Injury Care Clinic in Nashville today to schedule your Free Car Accident Injury Consultation.  

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