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Can chiropractors help with neck pain?

Are you experiencing neck pain?

Whether your neck injury was caused in an auto accident, a different type of personal injury accident, or just from tweaking it by sleeping the wrong way, our chiropractors can help you.

At Advanced Injury Care Clinic, our doctors take pride in helping each and every patient determine the root cause of their Neck or Back Pain symptoms and then develop a personalized treatment plan that is tailored to their specific condition.

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Common Causes of Neck Pain

When an individual is experiencing neck pain, whiplash is commonly considered the cause, especially if the patient was recently involved in an accident.

The force caused by impacts in motor vehicle collisions often results is serious neck injuries like whiplash. 

When your vehicle is struck by a careless driver, your head often jerks forward and then is quickly snapped back.

This movement hyperextends the soft tissues in the neck causing great pain and soreness in the days and weeks following the accident.

Although neck pain and whiplash are commonly associated with car accidents, neck injuries can be sustained in many other ways.

For example, a neck injury, pain, or soreness can also be caused by:

Nashville Car Accident

Why Should You See a Chiropractor for Neck Pain?

Chiropractors specialize in treating damage endured by the muscular and skeletal system. When you experience neck pain, it is often because a muscle, tendon, ligament, or nerve has been pulled or pinched.


Neck discomfort can also result from the bones and discs that make up the spine being thrown out of alignment.

If any of these are the cause of your neck pain, a chiropractor is the right medical professional for you.

While medical doctors are extremely knowledgeable and qualified in their field, chiropractors are more proficient at treating this type of injury.

This is because medical doctors tend to prescribe potentially harmful and addictive pain medications or determine your injury requires surgery without attempting to treat the problem naturally first.

A Chiropractor stays away from pain meds and surgery, only using completely natural and safe treatment techniques to heal patient’s injuries at the source.

A chiropractor is extremely qualified to handle musculoskeletal injuries, like neck pain.

After earning their doctoral degree in chiropractic care, they must also pass a number of board exams in order to become licensed to practice.

So never fear when it comes to seeking help from a chiropractic care clinic, we are the best choice for soft tissue injuries.

Car Accident Chiropractor performing a leg stretching exercise
Neck Pain from a car accident

What to Expect on Your First Visit

When you arrive at our chiropractic clinic you will meet with the doctor to discuss the details of your accident.

During this consultation, it would be most helpful to describe what you believe to have caused your injury.

After this, the doctor will begin the physical evaluation. They will examine your posture, the way you walk, and your overall spinal alignment.

Through this series of testing, the chiropractor should be able to diagnose your condition. Once your condition is known, a specialized treatment plan will be developed by the doctor.

Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need to continue treatment over weeks or months.

Even when you feel better and your treatment is complete, we recommend that all of our patients stick with chiropractic care for preventative maintenance.

Chiropractic care is healthy and natural and keeping proper spinal alignment can help prevent injury in the future.

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