January 10, 2020

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone at any time.

Many people think the elderly are the only people at risk of having a slip and fall accident, but that isn’t the case.

Every year millions of people visit the emergency room for injuries due to slip and fall accidents.

Whether you trip on something in your way, slip, and a wet floor, the most important thing to do afterward is to seek medical attention.

If they aren’t treated, slip and fall accidents can result in long-term injuries.

Here you can find more about common slip and fall injuries in Nashville.

Depending on how serious your fall was, you could require long-term rehabilitation as well as additional medical assistance.

That’s why it is critical to seek medical treatment immediately afterward and take appropriate steps to ensure your full recovery.

In the article below, we will take a look at what you should do following a slip and fall accident and how chiropractic care can help.

Seek Medical Attention

We’ve already mentioned this, but the first thing you should do after your slip and fall accident is to seek medical attention.

Depending on the severity of your injury, this could mean an immediate visit to the emergency room or an appointment with your chiropractor.

Following your accident, you need to pay attention to your body and listen to what it tells you.

Never ignore the symptoms of pain and just hope they go away.

Ignoring pain symptoms often results in more pain, and more severe, long-term injuries.

Seeking medical attention right away to give yourself the best shot at a full recovery.

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Slip and Fall Injury

Write Down Your Symptoms and Consider Your Options

It’s easy to ignore how you feel after time has passed. 

To make sure you get the treatment you need, you should write down all of your symptoms as you experience them, so you don’t forget anything.

Many people choose to turn to over-the-counter pain relievers to treat their pain symptoms after a slip and fall accident.

This is okay for short-term relief, but you should really explore all of your options.

Pain relievers mask your pain without treating the underlying cause. And, many of them come with several undesirable side effects.

Visiting a chiropractor is very beneficial after a slip and fall because they will be able to evaluate you and determine the best course of action.

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Take Pictures and Be Patient

It’s usually helpful to take pictures of your injuries after an accident to help your doctors understand exactly what happened.

If you have any bruising or if there’s a specific area that’s bothering you, take a picture of it to show to your chiropractor.

Remember, recovering from an injury following a slip and fall accident can take time, so patience will be necessary.

Chiropractic care is very effective after slip and fall injuries, but still, it takes time.

It’s not uncommon to experience immediate relief, but for some people, it could take several treatments before they feel better.

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Common Slip and Fall Injuries

Strains and Sprains

You can strain your muscles if you twist while falling, or sprain them if you tear a ligament.

In slip and fall accidents, sprains usually occur in your ankles.

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Shoulder Injuries

When most people fall, they try to catch themselves by reaching out and bracing themselves with their hands.

Sometimes you end up landing on your shoulder if you fall to the side.

This often results in significant bruising and a possible shoulder dislocation.

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Doctor Checking Back Pain

Back Injuries

Spinal misalignments caused by slip and fall accidents can lead to excruciating back pain.

The fall can put additional pressure on the discs in your spine, affecting your flexibility in addition to the soft tissue pain.

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Neck Injuries

Neck injuries and neck pain don’t always show themselves right away.

Symptoms of neck injuries can take hours or days to present themselves.

Even so, you could have small tears in your muscles and ligaments that will eventually trigger neck pain and stiffness.

So, even if you feel fine right after the accident, you should still see your chiropractor to make sure everything is okay.

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How Does Chiropractic Care Help With Slip and Fall Injuries?

Chiropractic care can treat several injuries caused by slip and fall accidents, including:

  • Strains and Sprains
  • Nerve-related numbness
  • Shoulder and neck injuries
  • Back pain
  • Whiplash
  • Bruised ribs
  • Tingling sensation

When you slip and fall, the sudden stop at the end of the fall and the twisting of your body as you fall can knock your spine out of alignment.

Spinal adjustments can put your spine back in its proper place, allowing your body to heal itself faster.

Depending on how bad your slip and fall accident was, your chiropractor may need to take x-rays to see if there is anything broken.

They’ll review the x-rays, go over your medical history and your current symptoms, and then design your treatment plan.

Inflammation is a very common part of injuries. 

Inflammation is your body’s defense against damage by slowing down the blood flow in the area of the injury to allow your body’s internal defenses to repair the injury.

Unfortunately, this can cause pain.

Inflammation is usually a good thing, but sometimes your body overreacts to the problem and produces more inflammation than is needed.

Various massage and spinal manipulation techniques can be performed to help your body heal itself and keep inflammation where it should be.

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And, chiropractic care is safe and non-invasive, so you won’t get any of the adverse side effects of pain killers.

Chiropractic care treats the source of your pain; it doesn’t just mask it.

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Advanced Injury Care Can Help

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