December 2, 2020

Just about everyone on the planet is scared of having surgery. And if you aren’t afraid of it, you still don’t want to have to go through with it.

The thought of allowing someone to take a knife and cut you open is enough to make you lose sleep at night.

There are so many risks involved with surgery, and there is no guarantee that it will even be effective.

Many people will experience back pain at some point in their life.

About 80% of people, actually. And sometimes, that back pain is chronic.

Sometimes people with chronic back pain think they have no choice but to have surgery.

If you suffer from back pain, or you have suffered from back pain, you may not know the options available to you to help you find relief.

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When you visit a doctor for your back pain, they will likely prescribe powerful painkillers, and you may eventually end up having surgery.

But, those painkillers have adverse side effects, and we’ve already talked about the negatives of having surgery.

But, if you see a Nashville chiropractor first, you won’t take medications and having invasive surgery altogether.

Studies have found a reduced chance of surgery for people who see a chiropractor for their back pain first.

Almost 43% of workers that saw a surgeon first had surgery for their back pain, but only 1.5% of people who saw a chiropractor had surgery.

It was also discovered that almost 75% of patients who received chiropractic care and standard medical care reported that their pain was better after treatment.

So, what is chiropractic care, and how does it help you evade surgery naturally?

We’ll take a look at that below.

Preventing Surgery With Chiropractic Care

Fortunately, there are alternatives to surgery so you can dodge going under the knife.

Chiropractic treatment is an approach to heal your pain that doesn’t involve incisions and instead manipulates your spine through manipulations, massage, and physical therapy.

A chiropractor can use several natural methods to deal with pain and injuries by treating them at their source.

Chiropractic treatment is also much cheaper than surgery. 

You will not be saddled with thousands of dollars of medical debt after chiropractic care, but you will still have relief from your pain.

There are no pricey medications involved, you don’t have to visit the hospital, and you won’t be given temporary fixes that will need constant correction.

Chiropractic care treats your issue at its source, so you can be sure your health is restored.

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Chiropractors Take a Natural Approach

To really appreciate how chiropractic care can help you and keep you off the operating table, you need to understand exactly what a chiropractor is.

Chiropractors have a very unique philosophy of care that is very different from your typical medical professional.

The thing that sets chiropractic care apart from the rest is that it views surgery, as well as medications, as an absolute last resort for their patients.

Your chiropractor will work to relieve your symptoms by adjusting misaligned joints rather than performing surgery.

Patients from around the world prefer chiropractic care over other forms of treatment because of the natural focus of chiropractors.

Your chiropractor will focus a lot of their attention on your spine because it is a key feature of your nervous system.

Your nervous system is responsible for sending and receiving messages from the other systems in your body.

When your spine is out of alignment, your nervous system can malfunction, which will adversely affect the rest of your body.

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Chiropractors Can Treat a Variety of Symptoms

Many people think that the only thing a chiropractor can treat is back or neck pain, but they can treat many conditions beyond back pain.

Even though there is an emphasis placed on the back and spine, a healthy spine gives the rest of your body a greater chance of being healthy as well.

Apart from keeping you out of the operating room, a chiropractor can treat things like sciatica, which is a pain in your legs caused by compressed discs, and migraine headaches.

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And if you’ve ever suffered from a bad migraine, you know that the pain rarely stays in your head and can travel to your back and shoulders.

Spinal manipulation can relieve the tension that causes these symptoms.

Some people have even reported manipulations easing their gastrointestinal symptoms.

This is likely due to the fact that misaligned nerves in your spine could affect your digestive system’s ability to communicate with your brain.

Spinal manipulation can clear up the miscommunication.

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Accident Injury Chiropractor in College Grove

What's A Spinal Manipulation?

There are over 100 variations of spinal adjustments that are used by chiropractors all over the world.

Spinal manipulations use force and twisting, while spinal mobilization is a gentle technique.

There are several other ways chiropractors can provide pain relief, including ice and heat therapy, electric stimulation, traction devices that will stretch your spine, as well as ultrasound for deep tissue healing.

Chiropractors perform most of their procedures on a padded table that can be dropped as an adjustment is being performed, adding different forces to the manipulation.

With spinal manipulation, your chiropractor will use their hands to apply a controlled but sudden force to a specific joint.

This often creates a popping noise that is very similar to the sound you hear after cracking your knuckles.

Your chiropractor won’t use as much force with spinal mobilization, and they will use more stretching.

Although there have been many proven benefits of spinal manipulations at this point, its effectiveness can be hard to measure because it doesn’t lend itself to traditional studies.

However, studies have shown that spinal manipulations were moderately effective in easing chronic low back pain that had lasted for four weeks or more.

The study also found chiropractic care to be moderately effective in easing acute low back pain that lasted less than four weeks. 

Six weeks of mobilization treatments were also found to help treat neck pain in almost 70% of participants.

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Chiropractors Can Recommend Lifestyle Changes

Chiropractors can also recommend lifestyle changes that can have a significant impact on your overall health and wellness.

First, if you wake up every morning feeling like you were hit by a truck, you need to take a look at how you’re sleeping.

Your chiropractor will recommend that you start sleeping on your back because when you sleep on your back, you are helping to keep your spine in neutral alignment.

If you think you are doing everything right when you sleep, but you still wake up in pain, your chiropractor will have more suggestions for you.

Your chiropractor will also recommend stretching to help achieve pain relief and promote your overall health.

If you never stretch, your muscles will get tight.

Tight muscles lead to joint dysfunction and restriction, which can lead to pain and discomfort that makes you think you need surgery.

Even your everyday activities, like walking the dog or doing the dishes, can have the potential to cause an injury if you have tight muscles.

Your chiropractor can recommend a daily stretching routine tailored to your needs that can help keep you pain-free.

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Visit A Chiropractor To Avoid Surgery

If you’re looking for a way to bypass surgery but still find relief from your pain, chiropractic care is the way to go.

Chiropractors use several natural methods that will help your body heal itself and perform at an optimal level.

With spinal manipulations, your chiropractor applies a controlled force to joints that have become restricted by muscle injury, strain, inflammation, and pain.

Manipulation has shown to relieve pain and muscle tightness and encourage healing, keeping you off the operating room table.

Chiropractic care involving spinal manipulation has also been shown to reduce symptoms and improve function in patients with chronic low back pain, acute low back pain, and sub-acute low back pain.

Combining chiropractic care with exercise is likely to speed and improve outcomes.

If you’d like to visit a chiropractor in hopes of avoiding surgery, contact the team at Advanced Injury Care.

They’ll place you with a chiropractor that will design a treatment plan tailored to your needs to help you overcome your pain.

Your chiropractor will also advise you on the other alternative treatments that we discussed above.

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