Most Common Injuries Associated with Rear-End Car Accidents

May 11, 2023
May 11, 2023

Rear-end collisions are a very common type of car accident that many motorists will experience at some point.

A rear-end collision is when one vehicle runs into the back of another vehicle.

Various injuries are associated with rear-end collisions.

After an accident, the victims will have to deal with the pain and suffering, medical bills, missed work, and ongoing treatments that are involved with their recovery that could last for months and even years. 

Here are the quickest and easiest ways to recover from a car accident.

Severe rear-end accidents often result in injury but even rear-end collisions that occur at relatively low speeds can still result in severe injuries.

Even collisions that occur at five miles per hour can cause significant injuries and pain.

It’s important to see a Nashville car accident chiropractor after an accident.

In the article below, we will talk about several common injuries associated with rear-end accidents and how chiropractic care can help.

Rear End Car Crash in Tennessee

Common Rear-End Accident Injuries

Below we will talk about a few of the most common rear-end accident injuries.

This list isn’t all-inclusive, but if you do suffer an injury in a rear-end collision, there’s a good chance it will be one of these.

  • Whiplash. Even at low speeds, a sudden and unexpected impact during a rear-end accident doesn’t give the victim time to brace themselves. As a result, your neck may extend beyond its regular range of motion, causing a whiplash injury.
  • Spine and Back Injuries. Spine and back injuries are some of the most common and severe rear-end collision-related injuries. Similar to whiplash, spinal injuries to the discs and soft tissues result from the victim not being able to brace themselves for impact before the collision.
  • Head trauma. In a rear-end accident, your head could hit the headrest, window, steering wheel, or airbag putting you at risk of traumatic brain injury, or TBI. There are several degrees of traumatic brain injuries and it can take days for the symptoms of the injury to become apparent. Common symptoms of a traumatic brain injury are a loss of consciousness, fatigue, dizziness, memory loss, or impaired cognitive function, among others.
  • Fractures. Broken bones are extremely common injuries suffered in car accidents, even in fender benders. In a rear-end wreck, breaks in the fingers, feet, and hands of the driver as they brace for an impact are extremely common. It’s also possible to break or fracture your spine or ribcage as a result of being held in place by seat belts.
  • Broken Ribs. The sudden movements in a rear-end collision combined with the force of deployment of the airbag can lead to broken bones in the rib cage. Your collarbone and shoulder can also suffer damage when your body recoils against the seatbelt. 
  • Wrist and Arm Injuries. Just before a rear-end accident occurs, the driver will likely have their hands on the steering wheel. As the collision impacts the body, the hands, wrists, and arms are frequently injured.

These are common types of injuries often suffered by the driver of the car that is struck.

However, passengers in the vehicle can also suffer from wrist, arm, and facial injuries from being thrown inside the car.

In severe situations where brain or spinal injuries occur, partial or full paralysis can result.

If you’re the victim of a rear-end collision, you need to work with skilled personal injury attorneys that can help you deal with the insurance companies and protect your rights.

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Doctor Explaining Joint Pain to Elderly Woman

Chiropractic Care For Rear-End Injuries

If you have suffered an injury in a rear-end accident, you need to seek prompt medical care.

One of the best doctors to see after an accident is a chiropractor.

The main goal of chiropractic care after an accident is to allow your body to heal itself.

Unlike pain medications and invasive surgeries, your chiropractor will treat the root cause of your pain and discomfort and offer you a permanent solution.

Chiropractic adjustments realign your spine to take the pressure off the affected nerves, bringing you quick relief from your symptoms.

And when your spine is properly aligned oxygen and nutrient-rich blood will flow freely to your injury and promote self-healing.

Even if you feel fine after your accident, you should still seek medical attention from an experienced chiropractor immediately after a car crash.

If you do, these are some of the benefits you will receive:

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Reduced Pain

Chiropractic care can realign your spine and take pressure off of the affected nerves and muscles.

People often experience immediate pain relief, even if they have severe pain, following their first adjustment.

Your body will also release pain-relieving hormones during spinal manipulations which will also help minimize pain.

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Woman Comforting Man With Neck Pain

Improved Range of Motion

Many people experience stiffness in their neck and back after an accident.

This is often due to misaligned joints in the spine, the development of scar tissue, and inflammation.

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Chiropractic care can restore and improve your range of motion by mobilizing and realigning your spine.

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All-Natural Treatment

Many medical providers will prescribe painkillers to treat accident injuries like soft tissue injuries.

But chiropractic care doesn’t involve addictive pain medications or invasive surgeries to treat your injuries.

Their all-natural treatments will keep you from experiencing any harmful side effects like nausea, bleeding, allergic reactions, addiction, and more.

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Is Chiropractic the Best Treatment After A Rear-End Collision?

If you were injured in a rear-end accident and you’re experiencing severe pain or any other injury symptoms, you should speak to a car accident chiropractor as soon as possible.

The doctors with Advanced Injury Care Clinic are committed to helping their patients heal from car accident injuries.

In addition to providing chiropractic care that will improve your overall quality of life, they will also refer you to an accident injury attorney that can help you with your financial recovery.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, take the first step in your recovery by scheduling a free consultation with AICC today.

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