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Being involved in a car accident can contribute to a number of undesirable effects, including lasting injuries and overflowing hospital bills.

When a car strikes or is struck by something, there is a lot of power which results for the individuals involved to not immediately feel or distinguish any signs of injuries. Despite not feeling any discomfort right after a car crash, ensuring your body’s physical state is a vital aspect that you should look forward. 

If you fail to go to a car accident doctor immediately, the insurance company will most likely deny your car accident insurance claim. 

Worry no more as our professional Chiropractors here in Green Hills can help you with regards to this matter. Our skills and knowledge built with the latest techniques and technology can help you ease the pain and make your life better than ever. We can also refer you to a trusted personal injury attorney if you’re having trouble finding one.

Learn more with the essential information and tips from below right after involving a car crash or contact us and book your Free Consultation today!

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Car Accident Injuries That We Can Fix

Car Accident Injuries That Our Trusted Car Accident Doctors Can Fix

  1. Whiplash
  2. Back Pain
  3. Neck Pain
  4. Broken and dislocated bones
  5. Migraine
  6. Sleeping disorders
  7. Concussions
  8. Chronic pain

Some of these injuries may take months or even years of full recovery. We know the struggle you’re about to face in that extent of time, that is why our professional Chiropractors are also trained to decrease the recovery period and guarantee you a complete vitality. 

They will assure you to perform the current and safest procedures that are verified as a beneficial practice in handling accidents resulting in injuries.

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First Aid Actions to Take After a Car Accident

One of the leading causes of death in the whole world, car accidents tend to leave everyone the most extreme traumatic experience, especially on the survivors but don’t let this event stunned you.

Here are some important actions you should perform right after a car crash that can help you save a breath:

  1. Make a call for emergency hotlines – Shouting out loud asking for help would only cause you exhaustion. Otherwise, calling the police and ambulance is a better way to seek for help in time of tension.
  2. Control Your Mental state – If the help failed to arrive immediately, don’t panic or get angry; instead, take a deep breath and check for you and your passenger’s condition. If it is your fault, don’t run away from your responsibilities, this won’t make things any better, worse you’ll be facing a bunch of criminal charges ahead. 
  3. Collect all the needed information – This step can stand as the guide of the police and the supporting information for when claiming your insurance coverage:
    • Take photos of the incident
    • Have a note including the essential information like background profile, contact    information and plate numbers
    • Make an honest record of the stories from both sides (if two parties were involved)
    • Look for a person who witnessed the whole incident.
  4. Don’t make an unsure action – If anyone is severely affected by the impact don’t move or even touch them, wait until the ambulance comes, only then you can seek for medical attention from the authorized personnel.
  5. Have the best medical assistance – Guarantee that you can obtain your rightful benefits from the insurance company, book a consultation right away from the best car accident doctor in Green Hills.

How can a Car Accident Doctor Ease the pain from your injuries and save you from drowning in your medical bills?

Apart from the permanent damages and marks caused by an auto accident, it can also bring pain to your pocket.

Whether it is fatal or not, seeking immediate medical attention from the best Chiropractor near you is vital, for your claim to be honored by your insurance company. 

Some insurance company only gives their claimants the first three days to seek for medical attention or else the petition will be denied.

If your insurance agency recognizes that you didn’t go to a specialist, or you aren’t attending your regularly scheduled chiropractic care appointments, they can allege that the injuries you’ve sustained must have been caused by something else, which will give them enough basis to refuse any coverage for which you are actually eligible.

Furthermore, the insurance company will most likely argue that had you seek a chiropractor’s help; your injuries would have healed, thus making any permanent injury your fault – and not anybody else’s.

The good thing here is we have our Chiropractic Care professionals that can refer you to one of those personal injury attorneys so you’ll be able to defend your legal rights while we work on fixing the root of your pain and making your physical and mental well-being.

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