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Our Team of Chiropractors Serving La Vergne Can Help You Recover Physically and Financially After an Accident that Caused You Injury


The Chiropractors and Medical Staff at AIC are Experienced in Treating the Following Types of Conditions:
Nashville Car Accident Doctor

Auto Accidents

The experienced chiropractors at Advanced Injury Care Clinic have been treating car crash injury victims for over ten years.

Chiropractor for Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash Injuries

Our Chiropractic Injury Clinic is designed to treat people suffering from a whiplash injury after a car accident.

Chiropractor for neck pain

Neck Pain

Our chiropractic doctors are leaders in their field, successfully treating injuries that cause neck pain near La Vergne, TN.

Chiropractor for Back Pain

Back Pain

Our Advanced Injury Care Clinic can help diagnose your pain and develop a treatment solution if you are experiencing Back Pain from an accident or injury.

Slip & Falls

Slip & Falls

No matter where your slip and fall accident happened, our accident injury chiropractors can help diagnose, treat, and alleviate your pain symptoms.

Work Injuries

Work Injuries

A chiropractor can help workers who were hurt on the job. AIC will diagnose and treat your workplace injury and provide the proper documentation to your employer.


The chiropractors at Advanced Injury Care Center have over ten years of experience in treating the victims of auto accident injuries and other types of personal injury accidents. 

If you neglect to get the proper treatment for musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain conditions could result.

In order to reduce pain and correct misalignments of the spine, our chiropractors treating patients in La Vergne, TN specialize in spinal manipulation. 

This all-natural and completely safe treatment method alleviates the pressure put on nerves and vertebrae.

Therefore, if you are suffering from pain or an injury, schedule your free consultation as soon as possible, and for more information about what to expect at AIC during your first visit, keep reading below!

shoulder and neck pain chiropractor

What to Expect During Your Initial Visit to Advanced Injury Care Clinic Serving La Vergne

Advanced Injury Care Clinic is different because both medical doctors and professional chiropractors are utilized to diagnose and treat your accident injury symptoms. 

When you arrive at AIC for your Free Consultation, a doctor will first discuss your injuries and pain symptoms with you.

They will perform an examination and also look over your medical history to make a proper diagnosis.  

Some questions you may be asked about your pain include:
  • When did it start? 
  • Were you involved in an accident, and what type?
  • What makes the pain worse/better?

This information is essential to properly diagnose your condition and developing a treatment plan that is tailored to you. 

How A Chiropractor Benefits Victims of Accident Injuries

The chiropractors at Advanced Injury Care Clinic focus on natural treatment techniques that repair the musculoskeletal system, improving your health, structure, and function from the inside out. 

A specialized treatment plan that is developed by your doctor will reduce pain and inflammation, correct joint movements, and reestablishing the integrity of your spinal column.

Accident injury victims in the La Vergne community should try our natural approach to treatment and rehabilitation before harmful pain medications and risky surgeries. 

Our chiropractors find the root cause of pain and develop a strategy to repair the injury at the source.

This reduces pain and restores function to the area, preventing the need for addictive pain killers that simply mask symptoms rather than solve the underlying problem. 

Therefore, if you have been injured, or are suffering from a chronic pain condition, try our integrative approach to diagnosing and treating injuries. 

Contact Advanced Injury Care Clinic today for a free injury consultation with the chiropractor. 

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If you are in the La Vergne, Tennessee area, our Advanced Injury Care Clinic is ready to help with your recovery. Schedule your Free Consultation with our experienced chiropractic doctors today!

Our Medical Team

Dr. Darneshia Roberts DC

 For Over 10 Years DrDarneshia Roberts has served the La Vergne, TN Community with skilled chiropractic care.

Dr Darneshia Roberts - Nashville Car Accident Doctor

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